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Jewelry FAQ


Q: What is Brass Jewelry?
A: Brass Jewelry is made of alloy of Copper and Zinc to match color of Gold. Since the rise in price of precious metal, Brass Jewelry is now getting very popular as it is much more affordable, good looking and Skin Friendly.


Q: What is German Silver or White metal Jewelry?
A: White metal (German Silver) is an alloy of Copper Zinc and Nickel, it looks like Silver but does not contain any Silver. Its a popular metal to make low cost fashin jewlery for everyday use. White metal Jewelry is Coated with layer of Sterling silver (Electroplated).


Q: Does this jewelry change color and reacts to air?
A: No, it doesnt change color. Brass Jewelry is Gold Plated and since inside it is Brass, so it doesnt change color, same is white etal jewelry is white from inside so it doesn't change color.


Q: How to clean Brass copper of white metal jewelry?
A: Have a look at this Article (click Here) to know how to clean Jewelry. This is a very well written article and give complete knowledge. Direct link: http://www.wire-sculpture.com/jewelry-making-blog/5676/clean-copper-jewelry-wire/.


Q: Is this wholesale site?
A: Yes this is Wholesale Only website.


Q: What is your minimum order quantity? MOQ?
A: There is no minimum order quantity but there is minimum shipping starting from US$25 upto US$ 90. There are various discount slabs based on your final order value. These volume discount enable larger customer to get even better pricing for the best Sterling Silver Jewelry from India.



Q: How long is the shipping time?
A: We ship the parcel within 1 to 5 working days from finalization of Order. All jewelry here is in ready stock. The shipping takes 4 to 7 days depending on holidays. So you receive your parcel more or less in one weeks time. Sometimes your country customs may take more time to contact you that time is extra.




Q: What are shipping charges: (Worldwide)
A: We have two mode to ship a parcel:
* By EMS or Aramex : This is economical shipping in slabs. If available we use EMS shipping otherwise Aramex. Shipping carges are as follows: US$25 upto $300, $40 Upto $600, $70 upto $1200, $90 above that

* By FedEx and UPS: These have a flat shipping charge of USD 90 for all orders. So the larger order you place is more beneficial.




Bank Wire Transfer: You can transfer funds to our HSBC account in India by International swift wire transfer. We give you bank Swift code and other details of checkout. There is no extra surcharge on Total.

PayPal: PayPal payments are auto integrated to the shopping cart. At the checkout process you will be suggested to select payment option and you can choose to pay by PayPal. There is an additional surcharge of 6% on PayPal payment.

CCAvenue Credit Cards: CCAvenue is India's safest Credit Card Processer gateway. You can choose to pay by Credit Card at the time of Checkout. There is an additional charge of 4% on this payment.

Wishlist: You can choose this option if you just want to generate the invoice along with discounts for further customization or Payment steps by Email.

Paid: This option is if you have already Paid for your order.


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